About WorkCycles

WorkCycles is the bakfiets, workbike and hand-built city bicycle specialist, known for our innovation, timeless, top quality bikes and emphasis on service. We keep ourselves busy with several areas of activity:
Design and development of WorkCycles bicycles that extend the capabilities of their riders and make daily cycling as attractive as possible. Our growing range of bikes is designed in house and produced in cooperation with small, quality-oriented manufacturing partners here in the Netherlands. We strive to offer the best utility bikes possible for realistic, affordable prices. Wholesale distribution of WorkCycles bikes through a small worldwide network of bricks and mortar utility bicycle dealers. Interested in stocking WorkCycles? Please mail us at people@workcycles.com.
Building and shipping WorkCycles bikes to customers throughout the world. No dealer near you? No problem. Please complete the Purchase Information form for the bicycle you're interested in and we'll reply with more information. Sales and service of professional bikes for businesses and other enterprises. WorkCycles offers everything from indestructible fleet bicycles to specially outfitted delivery bikes. Our clients include countless small and multinational firms and we're equally happy to build either one or several hundred bikes.
Running the best bike shop in Amsterdam, where you're always welcome for repairs, sales and expert advice. You'll find most of our models on display and will be guided through the many "a la carte" options. Far more is possible than we can describe on this website. Of course you can also test ride or demo our bikes
WorkCycles' service department is best known as THE place to repair, upgrade or modify your bakfiets, but we actually work on most bicycles. We take great pride in our expertise, professionalism and capabilities: steel fabrication and welding, woodworking, servicing internal gear hubs, rolling spokes in custom lengths... we can do it. Most service is completed the same day - please call to make an appointment in advance.

WorkCycles philosophy

The bicycle is a perfect example of the beautiful minimalism the world should adopt to continue forward. We promote everyday cycling amongst individuals, families and enterprises by supplying the most practical, beautiful and affordable bicycles possible and by providing an unmatched level of service.

Meet the Team


Founder and CEO of WorkCycles. Henry grew up in bike shops; tinkering, racing and eventually designing and building bikes. Many moons ago Henry traded his corporate job in California for a corporate job in Groningen, the Netherlands. Moving to Holland made Henry fall in love with bikes all over again. Seeing a need to put better bikes on the Dutch streets he quit his corporate job, moved to Amsterdam and began WorkCycles. The next step was to help bring the beauty and simplicity of practical ‘Dutch’ cycling to the rest of the world. Henry’s everyday bike: WorkCycles Fr8, 8 speed, family set-up, unpainted (no, you can’t order unpainted).


Our ‘Jack of all trades’ Tamas is often in the workshop but also behind the computer and sometimes in the showroom. With a talent for graphic design Tamas often takes care of those finicky jobs that need extra attention, like a custom logo on a company bicycle. Tamas is a serious bicycle and parts collector and has an impressive collection of bikes that range from total junk to high end limited edition. Tamas’s everyday bike: Seems like it’s a different one everyday, he owns a Fr8 as well.


Head of the workshop, Peter is managing the ins and outs of daily repairs and general maintenance. Busy Amsterdamers just don’t have the time or tools to look after their bikes and are quite happy to let us take care of their maintenance needs. From a simple puncture to a geared hub revision or a frame realignment, our workshop can handle a variety of tasks. Peter's hobbies include Yoga and Taekwondo, he has a black belt in patching tires. Peter’s everyday bike: a legendary RIH road bike built up as a single speed.


Sales Guru. If you email us you'll most likely get a reply from Dylan. He’s here for your all your questions, including the most difficult part of buying a bicycle; choosing the color. Dylan spends lots of time of the phone, writing emails, working out tricky custom options and getting the right information to the people who need it. Dylan spends more time building and rebuilding touring bikes than actually touring on them. Dylan’s everyday bike: Fr8 with massive rack, 8 speed, child saddle and no rear carrier.


Webmaster and Mechanic. A self proclaimed professional joker, Nino is constantly making jokes and working late hours behind the scenes to keep our website up and running. Nino can also be found working on repairs and putting finishing touches on new bikes so everything is exactly as it should be. Nino is an avid mountainbiker and when not in the shop he can be found hitting the trails. Nino’s everyday bike: Vintage road bike, built up with 5 gears, a flat bar and a 10 kilo chain lock.
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