How much does the bike weigh ?

The Opa, with roller brakes front & rear and an 8 speed hub weighs around 25 kg. The Double top tube & Cross frame bikes are a little heavier. The Secret Service bikes with roller brakes front & rear and an 8 speed hub weigh around 22 kg. The total weight depends on how you build up the bike; 3 speed, 8 speed, Nuvinci, front carrier, rear carrier, crate, chain lock etc. However when we are looking at robust classic Dutch bikes factors like reliability, practicality, comfort and ease of use are more important than weight. If you are riding over very hilly or even mountainous terrain then weight becomes important, a proper touring bike would be more suited to that kind of terrain.

What’s the difference between the frames ?

The Classic bicycle series are beautiful, all-round bikes designed for heavy use and can live outdoors. The bikes have a timeless look and are fitted with modern components. The Oma, Opa, Double Top Tube, Cross frame and Cross frame step through have a robust look, wide tires and fenders, and an upright riding position. They have a vintage style chain case, a vinyl cover spring saddle and square bend transport handlebars for a relaxed wrist position. These bikes are ideal for around town riding, errands, grocery shopping, or a leisurely cruise, essentially a good solid bike for around-town riding. The Secret Service and Secret Service step through have more of a svelte look with thinner fenders and tires. They are the lightest of the city bike series (2 kg lighter than the Opa) and have a slightly forward leaning riding postion with 45 degree bend touring style handlebar. The Secret Service comes with a Brooks saddle and a more modern looking chain case. It’s also suited to around town riding, errands and grocery shopping but also for longer rides, commuting and perhaps the odd weekend trip.

Do they come in different colors ?

All models can be purchased in either matte black or gloss black. The gloss black versions of Oma, Opa, Double Top Tube, Cross frame and Cross frame step through come with a vintage touch, two gold pinstripe lines on the chain case & fenders. The gloss black Secret Service does not have the gold pinstripe lines.

Which frame size do I need ?

After selecting which model you’d like, you the option of choosing from 3 or 4 different frame sizes. Below is a rough frame size chart for traditional Dutch bikes. Note that one typically rides a Dutch bike with a bigger frame than what they might be accustomed to in road and mountain bikes. For example if you ride a 58cm c-t road bike a 61cm Secret Service (59cm c-c) would be a good fit. With the "normal" Dutch frame size one can just barely or not quite stand over a diamond frame bike with their feet flat on the ground. The Classic bikes don’t come in a very small frame size like a 45cm for example (We'd recommend a Gr8 to this customer anyway).

49cm: 155cm, 5'1" plus
53cm: 161cm, 5'3" plus
55cm: 165cm, 5'5" plus
61cm: 178cm, 5'10" plus
67cm: 191cm, 6'2" plus
73cm: 200cm, 6'6" and over

Obviously there's a lot of tolerance between people depending on their build. With step through frames it really doesn't matter much, as long as the seat post can go low enough. Many Dutch ladies bikes have traditionally been available only in 56 or 57cm anyway.

Standover heights:
We don't actually stand over our bicycles here in this manner but standover height is often used as a guideline elsewhere so here they are for those accustomed to this measurement:

Double Top Tube 73cm = 97cm
Opa/Double Top Tube 67cm = 92cm
Opa/Double Top Tube 61cm = 86cm
Opa/Double Top Tube 55cm = 80cm
Opa/Double Top Tube 53cm = 78cm
Cross frame 61cm = 79cm
Cross frame 55cm = 77cm

Secret Service 67cm = 90cm
Secret Service 61cm = 84cm
Secret Service 55cm = 78cm
Secret Service 49cm = 73cm

What is the build time after ordering ?

Normal build time after ordering is around 5 weeks.

I am a small / tall / large rider, is this bike suitable for me ?

The cycling industry tends to ignore the fact that there are all kinds of people in the world; small, tall, average, large, thin, at WorkCycles we have all kinds of customers. For many customers buying one of our bikes is the first time they actually have a well fitting comfortable riding bike. The Classic bikes come in traditional frame sizes, on average we sell mostly 55cm and 61cm frames. For very small adults we would recommend our Gr8 bicycle instead of one of Classic bikes. For heavier riders we recommend our indestructible Fr8 bicycle instead of a Classic bike and for the very tall or very heavy rider we build a special ‘Clydesdale’ spec Fr8. If you are buying a Brooks B67(s) saddle we suggest a maximum rider weight of around 80 kg (for the saddle, not the bike).

What is a frame fixed front carrier ?

One the best bicycle accessories ever invented. Classic bike front carriers are securely mounted in the frame bracket on the down tube. These medium-sized carriers are extremely handy and typically have a crate, box or basket mounted on them. Because the front carrier is affixed to the frame the cargo load has no influence on the bike’s handling or parking stability.

What is the maximum weight on the carriers ?

Our weight guidelines are 15kg on the front carrier and for the rear carrier 40kg.

Can an adult sit on the rear carrier, Dutch style side-saddle ?

For a short ride, it’s ok, a small adult could sit side saddle on the rear carrier. The Classic bike rear carriers really designed to be used for that kind of thing all day everyday and it would eventually damage the carrier. If you need to routinely carry passengers on the bike then check out our family transport bikes.

I already have one of your classic bikes, but without the front carrier, can the carrier still be mounted ?

We ship parts for WorkCycles Bicycles worldwide. You’ll need to check the bike first though, or send us some photos. There are two frame versions, old and new. The front carrier is the same but the mounting is slightly different. The newer frames have holes in the downtube. The front carrier mounting bracket is secured be using large bolts that pass through these holes. The older frames don’t have holes and the front carrier mounting bracket is held in place by two T-bolt hose clamps.

What size crate or basket do you recommend for the front carrier ?

Your bike will need to have a front carrier mounted and suitable crates are available in our webshop. WorkCycles’ own MT crate and the ‘Milk’ crate. The MT crate measures 50 x 30 x 30cm tall with solid walls and a solid base. It has holes for mounting and for water drainage. The perforated Milk crate is a favorite in Amsterdam. Ugly, indestructible, black plastic. It’s 43 x 35 x 27cm tall. Both crates are mounted by means of strong zip ties fastening the crate to the carrier. An additional WorkCycles crate mat functions as an anti-noise mat, locks and groceries don't rattle around anymore
. Wooden crates and wicker baskets that have roughly the same dimensions as our crates will also work.

Does the bike come with a bell, lights, fenders, kickstand and a lock ?

Absolutely, all WorkCycles bicycles come complete with hub dynamo powered LED lighting front and rear, fenders or as they are also called 'mudguards', a double leg parking stand, a frame mounted rear wheel lock with two numbered keys bell.

Do I need gears ?

We build our bikes with the intention that you will use it for more than just a leisurely sunny Sunday ride. Our bikes are for everyday use, all year round, carrying your groceries, doing your errands, commuting to work, riding in headwinds, even a weekend getaway. When you use your bike everyday or if you live in a city that is not entirely flat, gears are super handy to have.

What gearing options do you offer, do you sell the Rohloff hub ?

We offer three options to choose from. The Shimano Nexus 8 internally geared hub, which has a wide range (307%) and suits the needs of our riders for most situations. It’s smooth running and tough. The Shimano Nexus 3 internally geared hub, which has a moderate range (187%) and is more suited for lightweight cycling, not for heavy cargo. The super strong and smooth Enviolo (NuVinci) 380 by Fallbrook Technologies, which is an internally geared hub with a constantly variable transmission. This unique drivetrain actually has no steps at all between ratios. The range of ratios is also greater than the Shimano Nexus 8: 380% vs. 307% and you can adjust your gear while pedaling up a hill without a pause. The Rohloff hub is very nice but has quite a price tag to it. It makes more sense to have a Rohloff hub on a serious touring bicycle.

Can I mount panniers on the back ?

We offer Dutch style panniers from Clarijs. These simple, functional and waterproof panniers are hand made by our friends in Zeeland. They are made from European truck tarp material called Bisonyl. The size L (38 liter) panniers fit the Classic bikes nicely and come with an ‘ADR’ anti-theft ring that will let you run a cable or lock through the bridge of the panniers to secure them to your bike. There are plenty of companies making bicycle panniers, too many for us to keep track of. If you want to use your own panniers and already have something in mind, we recommend buying the bike first so you can check if your favored panniers will fit.

Can I take this bike on holiday or use it as a touring bike ?

WorkCycles bicycles are not really suited for a two week camping bike tour in the wilderness. But if you are planning a weekend trip where it's mostly level terrain and are combining cycling with train travel and/or staying at bed & breakfasts along the way, then it’s absolutely doable.

Can I mount kid’s seats ?

In the Netherlands we try to carry as many children on the bike as we can, it’s the Dutch way. WorkCycles is all about practical cycling and family cycling. However our classic bikes are built with one adult rider in mind. If you need a bike to carry one, two, three or even four children, please take a look at our family transport bikes.

Can I use the Brooks leather saddle in the rain ?

Brooks traditional leather bicycle saddles are great but need to be looked after. Treat the topside with Proofide every 6-12 months and keep the underside dry. If possible store the bike in a dry place between rides so that the leather can dry out naturally. Use a waterproof saddle cover when the bike is parked outside in bad weather and remove the saddle cover when you ride the bike. Tension the leather when necessary, if the leather is touching the saddle rail it needs to be tightened. We sell a complete saddle care kit, including; waterproof saddle cover, a sachet of Brooks saddle proofide and a leather tensioning tool.

Do the tires have an anti puncture layer ?

The Schwalbe Marathons are a good all-round city tire with reflective sidewall strip and an anti-puncture protection belt.

Can I have the tires in a different color, like cream or brown?

It’s possible, but as these bikes are always built with up black Schwalbe Marathon tires, we'll need to switch them which means an additional labor charge. Black tires also last much longer than cream or brown tires, so we don’t really recommend switching them.

Can I have rim brakes or disc brakes instead of roller brakes ?

No, end of story.

After purchasing what kind of maintenance does the bike need ?

The majority of customers rely on their local bike shop for their maintenance needs. A few customers have experience in looking after bikes and have a garage full of tools in order to do so. About a month a purchasing one of our bikes it should be checked over. Maintenance is highly dependent on how much you ride the bike and whether it sleeps in or outdoors. If you are riding your bike everyday in all weather conditions or it lives outdoors than on average it should receive a full tune-up at least once or twice a year. General maintenance guidelines include:

- air in tires

Half year intervals:
- tension chain
- check brakes and gears
- check headsets
- check steering joints

Year intervals:
- replace chain
- check/clean contacts for lighting
- lubricate brake cables to avoid freezing

Two year intervals:
- replace rear cog
- open and lubricate rear hub
- replace rear, maybe front tires
- replace some headset parts
If the bike isn't being used so intensively and/or stored indoors you can probably double or even triple these intervals.

Fixing a flat tire
It is usually not at all necessary to replace the inner tube to replace a flat tire. You just put the bike on it's stand, pull the left side of the tire open, patch the tube and put it back together. You can keep patching the tube until there is either no more room for patches or there is another reason to take the wheel out. Then when replacing a tire or opening the hub for service you replace the tube at the same time.

Nexus 8 (and 4, 5 and 7) speed cable adjustment:
Assuming the cable is gliding smoothly and not kinked or anything the adjustment for the Nexus 8 hub is very straightforward.
- make sure that both ends of the cable housing are sitting properly in their respective receptacles at the shifter and hub
- set the shifter to fourth gear
- just to the right of the cog on the rear hub is an indicator with a pair of yellow lines. The two lines should be aligned when in fourth gear.
- if they're not aligned tighten or loosen the barrel adjuster as need

Due you ship replacement parts, like a new chain case ?

Replacement parts for your bike can be purchased in the Parts section of our webshop. If you need help or need a part that isn’t listed in the parts shop please email us. WorkCycles parts are specifically for WorkCycles bicycles.

Does it come in an electric assist version ?

Our Classic bikes are conceived as obust, all-round, low maintenance, no nonsense bikes. We don’t sell an electric assist version.

Can I convert it to electric assist ?

Customers often contact us asking about the possibility of converting their Classic bike to electric assist. Our most suited bikes for electric conversion are the Fr8 and the Kr8 (it’s also possible to convert the Gr8 as well). We don’t recommend converting our Classic bikes to electric assist. There isn’t a convenient place to mount a large battery and the bikes do not come with hydraulic disc brakes, powerful braking is advised for electric assist bicycles as you are moving considerably faster on an e-bike.

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