Ordering & Payment

You pay a 50% deposit with your order and the balance when the bike is ready to ship. Payment is by bank transfer or by credit card via secure link. Foreign credit card payments are often blocked so you may need to call your bank for authorization. Unfortunately we have to charge a small provision for credit card payments. Wise (formerly TransferWise) is an online (often cheaper) alternative to international bank transfers.

Payment options are as follows:

Bank Transfer
We provide you with our bank account details and a payment reference for the order. Banks outside Europe often charge a fee for an international financial transfer.

Wise (formerly TransferWise)
You’ll need to set up account with Wise, but it’s a fairly simple process. They are a reliable online international financial transfer service with reasonable rates. We provide you with our bank account details and a payment reference for the order. Wise charge a small fee for their services.

Visa or Mastercard
We have to add a 3.5% transaction fee on the total. For payment via credit card we will send a pay link to your email address which also contains the reference for your order.

Worldwide Shipping

How we deliver a bicycle depends highly on which bicycle it is, what accessories have been ordered along with the bike and where it is being delivered to. We don’t have one fixed recipe that applies to every purchase. We have different packing and shipping methods based on the details and destination of the order. International ordered bicycles and tricycles are almost always delivered partially disassembled. The partial disassembly lets us ship the bike in a smaller box to keep the delivery costs reasonable.

WorkCycles ships to almost everywhere in the world. The majority or bicycle orders fit inside one bicycle box which is 148 x 28 x 86 cm. Most orders are shipped with UPS door to door via air freight or road transport. Once the bike leaves the shop we can provide you with a tracking code for the shipment. UPS normally take around 3 - 5 days to deliver depending on your location, UPS deliveries are door to door.

For larger bikes like the Kr8 bakfiets we don’t always use UPS. For example within Europe we often deliver the Kr8 Bakfiets fully assembled inside an extra large box on a pallet. The Classic and Industrial trikes are delivered via road transport or sea freight. Sea freight shipments are generally delivered as far as the nearest sea port.

Local Shipping

Bicycles and tricycles ordered by customers in the Netherlands are (unless otherwise specified) delivered fully assembled. We use Dutch transport companies for these deliveries.

Small parts orders ordered by customers in the Netherlands are normally delivered either by courier or parcel post.


Our bikes are packed personally by our mechanics and with the utmost care. The majority of orders fit inside one box, some orders need two or even three boxes. We use a lot of packing materials when we ship bikes internationally. After receiving your order please check through the packaging to make sure you don’t throw out a packed component by accident.


Where applicable we provide step-by-step reassembly instructions. Reassembly is quite straightforward. The complicated parts are all still assembled upon arrival. Only a minimal amount of work and a few tools are needed to get your bike roadworthy. We can always assist with your questions if necessary. We can also deliver to your local bike shop if working on your bike just isn’t your thing. Your can then let them handle the reassembly for you, it’s normal that they would charge you a small fee for this service.

Shipping Prices

Our website has prices for the following countries; United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. If the country you are ordering from isn’t listed here please contact us and we’ll provide with a shipping price. We aim to keep shipping prices current, however due to factors such as time of year or special conditions there can sometimes be a variation on the actual shipping price. When we send you the order confirmation from one of our staff members the actual shipping price will be on the order. Don’t worry, any variation on the price would be minor amount.

*Please note if your country is not listed among the countries with shipping estimates that does not automatically mean we don’t ship to your country. We have simply listed the estimated delivery costs for the countries we most commonly deliver to. If your country isn’t listed please contact us and we’ll provide an estimate for the delivery costs. WorkCycles delivers non-electric assist bikes worldwide. Electric assist bikes with batteries are generally delivered only within continental Europe. Electric assist bikes without batteries are delivered outside Europe.


All customers within the European Union pay VAT. For customers outside the European Union it’s different. We are allowed to export bicycles and bicycle parts to non E.U. countries at ex VAT prices and you will then pay the applicable import duties to the local authorities (for example in the U.S. it’s 11% on the value of the bike and accessories) not the packing & shipping costs. When we deliver with UPS they arrange the customs invoice for you and upon arrival of the bike the duties can be paid directly to UPS.

Non E.U. orders of Woom (children’s) bikes and parts orders are normally shipped via Parcel Post. Payment of import duties will go through the postal service of the country we are delivering to.

Non E.U. orders of classic and Industrial trikes are normally imported by a customs broker. This is relatively easy to set up and we always assist with the import process and necessary documents for these orders.
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