Brooks Saddle Care kit

33,00 incl. VAT


1 x Basil Noir waterproof saddle cover
1 x Brooks saddle leather tensioning tool
1 x Sachet of Brooks saddle proofide

When you first receive a Brooks B67 or B67s saddle the leather is hard for around the first three months after that it is quite comfortable. The leather slowly softens and forms to the shape of your sit bones. Brooks saddles are not for the heavier rider though, we recommend a rider weight of 80 kg max. You need to care for them as well, treat the topside with Proofide every 6-12 months and keep the underside dry. If possible store the bike in a dry place between rides so that the leather can dry out naturally. Use the saddle cover when the bike is parked outside in bad weather and remove the saddle cover when you ride the bike. Tension the leather when necessary, if the leather is touching the saddle rail it needs to be tightened.


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