MT Crate

There’s no such thing as the “perfect crate” for your front carrier but the MT Crate (eMp-Ty, get it?) is pretty close. This 25L box is made of nearly indestructible, black HDPE and is a very handy shape for general urban utility. It will hold a couple small bags or backpacks, or one giant bag of groceries. MT Crate is high enough to support a floppy shopping bag but low enough to stack a big box on top.

25,0040,00 incl. VAT


MT Crate is a perfect fit for either the WorkCycles City Carrier or the Pickup Carrier fitted to WorkCycles classic city bikes and Azor bikes.
Unlike the more common Dutch milk crates the MT Crate is smooth and easy to keep clean, or to plaster stickers if you like. We do put big holes in the corners of the bottom to let water drain out.
MT Crate measures 51cm wide x 32cm long x 21cm tall. It fits on both the Fr8/Gr8 City Carrier and the Pickup carrier on our more traditional city bikes.
If you’ll be using the MT Crate in combination with a front child seat we’ll cut away part of the back wall to make clearance for your child’s feet.
We highly recommend lining your MT Crate with the Kratmat. This thin, densely cushioned, rubberised mat prevents locks and other items from rattling around in the crate driving you nuts.
MT Crate and Kratmat are installed on your bike with four industrial tie-wraps. Wrap them double to increase their strength and ensure they don’t loosen up.
All listed accessories in shop are specifically intended to be used on WorkCycles bicycles.

Additional information

Weight 1,3 kg

25 l


51 x 32 x 21 cm


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