WorkCycles Cross Frame Step-Through

A different way of building a strong bicycle frame. This version is suitable for someone who prefers a step-through frame. It’s a classic european design in a robust city bike package. A WorkCycles city bike, built on the classic Dutch cross-frame; hand-built extra-tough for years of reliable, daily service. Lots of stainless steel parts, special anticorrosion primer and powder-coat, super strong wheels and everything needed for low maintenance, year-round use. Like all WorkCycles bikes it's made to be stored outdoors, year-round. The frame-fixed front carrier doesn't turn with the handlebars meaning that this classic bike steers nicely even when heavily loaded.

The cross frame is extremely stiff and has a comfortable upright position, it’s a smooth ride with a distinguished uniqueness. The bike comes with a vintage style chain case, a vinyl covered spring saddle and square bend transport handlebars. The bike is ideal for around town riding, errands, grocery shopping, a leisurely cruise, essentially a good solid bike for relaxed city rides.

Like all WorkCycles bicycles the Opafiets can be built to suit your needs and tastes: you can choose amongst a broad range of options for gearing, brakes, front and rear carriers, saddles, tires and more. The Kruisframe comes powder coated in matte black or gloss black with a vintage touch, a gold pinstripe line on the chain case & fenders. The Oma and Kruisframe bikes have longer headtubes than our other classic bikes if you are looking for a really upright riding position.

1.100,001.320,00 incl. VAT

Classic Dutch Bike Opions

Classic Dutch Bike Opions

DV are Dunlop valves on the inner tubes of your tires and AV are auto or 'Schrader' valves. Most cyclists in Europe will want DV valves and the majority of North Amercian cyclists will find it handier to have AV valves. Both valve types work equally well.

The saddle cable is a coated steel cable that loops through the saddle rail and part of the bicycle frame. It’s a security measure to prevent theft of your saddle and seatpost.

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WorkCycles Cross Frame Step-Through

Steel frames

Lugs and large diameter tubing make them much stiffer and stronger than frames from other manufacturers. WorkCycles Cross Frame Step-Through is built to handle heavy loads and constant use. Frames are coated first with an anti-rust zinc carbonate primer and then a tough and environmentally friendly powdercoat. Your choice of either matte black (all painted parts) or gloss black with a vintage touch, a gold pinstripe line on the chain case & fenders. The Oma, Opa, Double Top Tube, Cross frame and Cross frame low instep have a robust look, wide tires, wide fenders and a comfortable upright riding position.

Fully enclosed chain-case and fenders

No dirty trousers/skirts and almost no drivetrain maintenance. The mudguards are zinc and powder-coated steel so they won’t break or rust. The full chaincase keeps your drivetrain clean to reduce maintenance to a minimum. A hatch on the rear makes the occasional lubrication and chain tension adjustment easy.

Internal hub gears

All WorkCycles bikes have fully enclosed hub gears, mostly from Shimano: foolproof shifting, nearly maintainence free and out of harm’s way. You can even shift while stopped, a very handy feature when riding for transportation.

Hub brakes on both wheels

All models have a front Shimano roller brake and either a backpedal or (hand operated) roller rear brake. Hub brakes are nearly maintainence free, unaffected by weather and don’t make the bike dirty with brake pad sludge. WorkCycles fits the top of the line Shimano C-6000 rollerbrakes. Though many Dutch bicycles have only a rear coaster brake we feel strongly that a bicycle with two brakes is both safer and more convenient.

Hub dynamo powered LED lighting

Bright lights whenever needed without the hassle of batteries. The dynamo is inside the front hub so it runs silently with negligible resistance. Headlamps come from B&M in Germany and have powerful LED’s. The taillamps have LEDs with a 100,000 hour lifespan and energy storage circuitry to remain on for a few minutes while stopped. Double wiring is routed internally though the frame and mudguard stays for reliability and clean looks. The headlamp can be upgraded to 50 lux with standlight function.

Heavy duty 28” wheels

Special wide, double-wall, black, aluminium rims are made here in the Netherlands just for WorkCycles. These tough rims are laced with (thick) 2.3mm stainless spokes bent to precisely fit the hub. These wheels are so durable that they put those of other city bikes to shame. The tires are smooth rolling and long wearing Schwalbe Marathons with Kevlar anti-puncture layers.

DV or AV

DV are Dunlop valves on the inner tubes of your tires and AV are auto or ’Schrader; valves. Most cyclists in Europe will want DV valves and the majority of North Amercian cyclists will find it handier to have AV valves. Both valve types work equally well.

Rear wheel lock

The integrated lock immobilizes the rear wheel. This won’t prevent the bike from being carried away but when combined with a chain or U-lock it’s a very complete locking system. For those fortunate enough to live in a low-theft area the ring lock is adequate on its own.

Stainless steel parts and hardware

The handlebar, stem, spokes and almost all of the nuts, bolts and washers will remain serviceable and pretty for years… even when stored outdoors in a rainy climate (like Amsterdam).

Stable and strong centerstand

We find the combination of this stable, 2-leg center-stand, steering limiter spring and the headlamp mounted on the left fork leg to be much handier than the more typical side-stand. The bike stands upright which is great when loading the front carrier and even with loaded panniers or front carrier the bike stands reliably.


WorkCycles Cross Frame Step-Through options:

Frame mounted front carrier

This incredibly handy rack is fixed to the frame so it can carry huge loads without influencing your bike’s handling. Your bike remains stable when parked as well. Once trying a bike with a frame-mounted front carrier you won’t ever want to ride a bike with a load that swings around with the front handlebar. It can be removed with a single bolt, but once you’ve used this carrier you won’t understand how you ever lived without it. Most WorkCycles riders choose to semi-permanently attach a crate to their front carrier.

MT Crate & Crate mat

This is the WorkCycles crate, measuring 50 x 30 cm it’s perfect fit for your frame mounted front carrier. Just drop your grocery bags, backpack, briefcase, kids toys in and go. The additional MT Crate mat functions as anti-noise mat, locks and groceries don't rattle around anymore.

Brooks Saddles

Brooks traditional leather bicycle saddles have been around for over 100 years and are still made in the UK. When you first receive a Brooks B67 or B67s saddle the leather is hard for around the first three months, after that it is quite comfortable. The leather slowly softens and forms to the shape of your sit bones. Brooks saddles are not for the heavier rider though, we recommend a rider weight of 80 kg max. You need to care for them as well, treat the topside with Proofide every 6-12 months and keep the underside dry. If possible store the bike in a dry place between rides so that the leather can dry out naturally. Use the saddle cover when the bike is parked outside in bad weather and remove the saddle cover when you ride the bike. Tension the leather when necessary, if the leather is touching the saddle rail it needs to be tightened. We sell a complete saddle care kit.

Brooks Grips

We sell the Brooks Plump, Slender and Cambium Comfort grips. Plump (Thick) and Slender (Thin) are traditional leather grips that match nicely with your leather saddle. The Cambium Comfort grips are modern rubber handlebar grips with organic cotton for a natural look and feel.


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Additional information

Frame material

Steel frame with Zinc carbonate primer and wear resistant powdercoat


Matte black or gloss black with gold details

Max load capacity

Around 145kg

Front carrier

Optional, max load 15kg

Rear carrier

Postal rear carrier with elastic straps, max load 40kg

Electric assisted


Front brake

Front: Shimano C-6000 roller brake / Rear: Shimano C-6000 roller brake or coaster brake


xx-NC-G3/xx-NN-G3 - Shimano Nexus 3, xx-NC-G8/xx-NN-G8/xx-SS-G8 - Shimano Nexus 8

Wheel size

28" / 622mm, Ryde double wall aluminium rims


Schwalbe Marathon 47-622mm with puncture resistantant layer


13g Stainless Steel

Hub Dynamo

Shimano DH-C6000-2R for rollerbrake bike


Busch & Müller Avy N Plus 40 lux

Tail light

LED with standlight function


Axa Solid Plus - frame mounted rear wheel lock


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