WorkCycles Fr8 Clydesdale

The WorkCycles Fr8 Clydesdale is custom built to address the needs or large or tall riders. It features a handful of changes aimed at fixing the issues specific to big riders; seat post twisting in frame, spokes snapping, bending saddle rails etc. A Clydesdale Fr8 comes outfitted with a SR Torx saddle, reinforced seat post, double seat post clamp and special heavy duty rims. The Fr8 is an extraordinarily robustly built bicycle and one of the few bicycles in the world suitable for a very large rider. We periodically build the ‘Clydesdale’ Fr8's for big guys (both heavy or tall, or both). Interestingly, very tall men generally tax their bicycles and parts harder than heavy guys. We state the load capacity of the Fr8 at 250kg total but that's just an estimate and it's of course dependent on the quality of the roads, the nature of the cargo and how one rides the bike. In any case we do have many very tall and heavy people happily riding Fr8’s. Nobody has yet bent or broken a Fr8 frame or fork and we see fairly few problems with the rest of the components as well.

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The WorkCycles Fr8

(pronounced “Freight”) is our modular range of heavy-duty transport bicycles based around a versatile and super-sturdy frame. Unlike most so-called “transport” bikes the Fr8 is a genuine workhorse. Everything about the Workcycles Fr8, including the geometry, generous clearances, fittings and materials has been developed to create the toughest, most stable and convenient bicycle possible. It happens to ride beautifully too, regardless of what you pile on. Like all WorkCycles bikes the Fr8 is hand built in the Netherlands. This enables us to use the special parts and finishes required for heavy-duty bicycles, maintain top quality and provide flexibility to build bikes to suit each customer’s needs. The Fr8 is not just one or a collection of bikes; It’s a modular system of parts that can almost universally be interchanged and combined. That means you use the bike for multiple purposes or swap carriers to repurpose your Fr8 when your needs change.

Universal frame ‘one size fits all'

As its name suggests this is the ideal frame for most applications and the sitting position is comfortably upright. The Universal frame has a low instep for convenience but is as suitable for men as for women. The universal frame features a proprietary geometry called the “Adaptive Seat Tube” or AST. The handlebar reach and reactionship to the pedals actually vary accordingly with the height of the saddle. To state it simply; the Fr8 Universal frame reliably fits riders from about 155cm to 200cm. This makes the Fr8 an ideal bicycle to share; within a family or amongst employees.

TIG welded chromium molybdenum steel frames

Very large diameter, 4130 chrome-moly tubing makes the Fr8 frame far stiffer, stronger and more corrosion resistant than frames from other manufacturers. The front fork is also chrome-moly steel with oversized steering tube and blades.

Integrated fittings

Mounting carriers and accessories to the Fr8 is easy because the fittings are cleanly integrated in the frame. Accessories developed in the future will use the same fittings as well. Naturally all fittings for control cables, brake reaction arms, steering stabilizer and lighting are also integrated into the frame and fork.

Frame-mounted city carrier

Probably never before has so much attention been focused on producing such strong, versatile, good riding cargo carriers for a bicycle… and conversely on designing a bicycle to carry such large loads. All Fr8 load carriers are very securely bolted into the frame where they have almost no effect on steering. This frame-mounted, medium-sized, front carrier is extremely handy and basically indestructible and ideal for urban use. Typically a crate, box or basket is mounted on the City carrier and because it is affixed to the frame the load has no influence on the bike’s handling or parking stability.

Clydesdale 26” wheels

Regular Fr8 wheels are built tough and specifically for our bikes. Clydesdale wheels use the same 2.3mm stainless spokes and highly puncture resistant 55mm wide balloon tires, but feature even stronger double wall rims from Ryde. These babies are simply bombproof.

Clydesdale saddle

The Selle Royal Torx saddle is made specifically for riders up to 150kg. We’ve paired this with a reinforced seat post of our own design.
Clydesdale seat post clamp

This is a double bolted seat post clamp, which grips the seat post and the seat tube. A regular seat post clamp is only single bolted. The Clydesdale seat post clamp is not a quick release clamp.

Hub dynamo powered lights

Fr8 bikes are equipped with bright, reliable and silent running lighting systems that require no batteries. The front hub dynamo (generator) runs silently without noticeable drag. The B&M headlamp has a powerful LED with a clean beam pattern. The tail-lamps have LEDs with a 100,000 hour life-span and remains on for a few minutes while stopped (called “standlight”). Double wiring is routed though the fork, frame and rear mudguard where it’s invisible and out of harm’s way. An even more powerful headlamp with standlight function is optional.

Sealed hub gears & brakes

Fr8’s have sealed internal hub gears with either a rear coaster (backpedal) brake or roller (hand) brake. They offer foolproof shifting even while stopped, require minimal maintenance and are out of harm’s way. The majority of Fr8s in use are equipped with Shimano roller brakes front and rear, a low maintenance type of drum brake which is unaffected by weather. Some riders prefer to have a coaster brake as their rear brake instead of a hand brake. For those in hillier areas powerful Magura hydraulic disc brakes are also an option.

Chain-case & fenders

The sealed chain-case means no dirty trousers and almost no chain maintenance. The mudguards are tough, powder coated stainless steel to take a beating and never rust. There is no need to wear special clothes to ride the Fr8.

Rear wheel lock

The integrated lock immobilizes the rear wheel. This won’t prevent the bike from being carried away but when combined with a chain or U-lock it’s a very complete locking system. For those fortunate enough to live in a low-theft area the ring lock is adequate on its own.

The 'Escape Hatch'

On other bicycles changing rear tires and inner tubes is a time consuming job requiring an experienced mechanic. The Fr8’s proprietary Escape Hatch enables the rear tire to be changed quickly, without touching the enclosed drivetrain. Instructions on how to use the Escape Hatch can be found here.

DV or AV

DV are Dunlop valves on the inner tubes of your tires and AV are auto or 'Schrader' valves. Most cyclists in Europe will want DV valves and the majority of North Amercian cyclists will find it handier to have AV valves. Both valve types work equally well.

Stainless steel parts & hardware

The handlebar, stem, brake/gear cables, spokes and almost all of the nuts, bolts and washers are made of stainless steel so they won’t rust even when stored outdoors for years.

Handlebar bend

The standard Fr8 handlebar is called the “Moon” bend and most riders prefer it for its leverage and comfortable wrist position. We also offer the square bend “Transport” handlebar; more traditional looking and with more pullback toward the rider, providing a very upright position. Neither handlebar is “better”; it’s a matter of taste.

Stable and strong centerstand

We find the combination of this stable, 2-leg center-stand, steering limiter spring and the headlamp mounted on the left fork leg to be much handier than the more typical side-stand. The bike stands upright which is great when loading the front carrier or rear panniers. The parking stand has a very wide stance for stability but folds inward when not in use.

Choose your WorkCycles Fr8 Clydesdale options

MT crate & crate mat

This is the WorkCycles crate, measuring 50 x 30 cm it’s a perfect fit for your frame mounted front carrier. Just drop your grocery bags, backpack, briefcase, kids toys in and go. The additional MT Crate mat functions as an anti-noise mat, locks and groceries don't rattle around anymore


We offer Dutch style panniers from Clarijs. These simple, functional and waterproof panniers are hand made by our friends in Zeeland. They are made from European truck tarp material called Bisonyl. The size XL (44 liter) panniers fit the Fr8 long rear carrier nicely and come with an ‘ADR’ anti-theft ring that will let you run a cable or lock through the bridge of the panniers to secure them to your bike. There are 18 colors different colors to choose

Saddle cable

The Fr8 universal frame comes with a quick release seat tube clamp. This means you can adjust the saddle height on the fly, handy if you are sharing the bike with someone or you want to lend it out. The saddle cable is a coated steel cable that loops through the saddle rail and part of the bicycle frame. It’s a security measure to prevent theft of your saddle and seatpost.

Laser cut nameplate

We can even weld custom nameplates into the Fr8 frame. This is handy to identify fleet bikes or fun to personalize your own bike. Maybe it’s a theft deterrent or will at least help you recover your bike if it’s stolen. Maybe that’s wishful thinking. Maximum six characters.

Additional information

Frame size

Step-Through with AST - Unisex, for riders 160cm - 200cm

Max load capacity

Around 200kg

Front carrier

WorkCycles city carrier - frame mounted, max load 40 kg

Rear carrier

WorkCycles long rear carrier, max load 70 kg

Electric assisted





Setup depending, xx-NN-G8 - Shimano Nexus BR C-6000 rollerbrakes, xx-NN-GE - Shimano Nexus BR C-6000 rollerbrakes, xx-SS-GE - Magura MT5 eSTOP 4-piston hydraulic disk brakes with Magura MDR-C 180/180 mm rotors, xx-SS-G8 - Magura MT5 eSTOP 4-piston hydraulic disk brakes with Magura MDR-C 180/180 mm rotors


xx-NC-G8/xx-NN-G8/xx-SS-G8 - Shimano Nexus 8, xx-NN-GE/xx-SS-GE - Enviolo 380

Wheel size

26" / 559mm


Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 55-559mm


13g Stainless Steel

Hub Dynamo

Shimano DH-C6000-2R for rollerbrake bike

Tail light

LED with standlight function


Axa Block XXL - frame mounted rear wheel lock


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