WorkCycles Industrial E-Trike

The industrial strength trike is simply our classic, super-tough Dutch “bakfiets” with a different box. The Industry box is made of water resistent shuttering plywood (betonplex) and stainless steel to withstand the worst abuse imaginable. Simple construction combined with the best materials ensurse years of safe, low maintenance transport around an industrial terrain, chemical plant, factory, garbage collection site, etc.

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Industrial Trike Options

  • Your choice of RAL color for the chassis. Includes all painted parts; frame, fenders, chain case etc. The rims can also be painted, but not the spokes or hubs.

  • The Rear Carrier can be handy if you’d like to mount some panniers or something else on the back.

  • A hinged front door makes loading and transporting large or heavy objects much easier.

  • A Protective bisonyl box cover to keep the rain out, 18 available colors for the box cover.

  • Two battery powered LED headlights and one LED taillight

Product total

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Grand total (excl. VAT)


These are the very last old-fashioned Dutch "bakfietsen" made, and they're still fabricated right here in the Netherlands. Aside from the huge, sealed bearings, stainless hardware and modern finishes they've hardly changed for 100 years. The modern industrial box with stainless steel edge is super strong and makes the bakfiets more suited to ‘rougher’ working environments. A bakfiets is big, heavy, indestructible and far handier than one would expect.

It’s not possible to mount a simple city bike electric assist motor on a heavy duty transport trike that weighs around 125+ kg. We have designed a special system specifically for the classic trikes, Combining a robust motor, a 48v battery and industrial grade disc brakes. The motor model is a Bafang BBS02 750w with a cotter less crankshaft and industrial grade hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels. The drivetrain is 30-26, covered by a steel chain cover. The battery is mounted on a bar between the bumper and seat stay or on the rear carrier. The battery has a switch and plug on the right side. The switch functions as a fuse to protect against a power overload and also as a protection for the motor. The maximum speed with electric assist is set to 16 kmp/h.

Battery range depends highly or terrain, state of the trike (well maintained, air in tires, etc) weather (extreme heat or extreme cold) and the weight of the cargo load in the box. If you have concerns about whether our electric assist trike is suitable for your needs please contact us. A second mounted battery set or a spare battery are both possible.

The Industrial Transport Trike comes in three different sizes; M, L and XL. The size Large trike is both shorter and narrower than the enormous "XL" so it can typically be ridden on a bike path and fits between traffic bollards. Aside from the dimensions the M, L and XL are technically identical.


Industrial Transport Trike with Electric Assist Specifications

- super-strong transport wheels with gauge 8 spokes
- 26 x 2.5 inch transport tires
- fenders, front and rear
- single-speed fixed gearing with a 30-26 drivetrain
- large, hand operated rear drum brake / parking brake
- sealed bearings
- motorcycle strength chain and steel chain cover
- water resistant shuttering plywood box with stainless steel edge mounted on truck-type leaf springs
- steel and mahogany handlebar
- steering stabilizer, keeps box from swaying when parked
- vintage style saddle
- 750W Bafang BBS02 motor
- 48V battery
- industrial grade hydraulic disc brakes
- 5 levels of assist


Industrial Transport Trike with Electric Assist Dimensions

- front to back of the medium trike with box 245 cm
- front to back of the large trike with box 275 cm
- front to back of the x-large trike with box 310 cm
- total width medium and large 108cm
- total width x-large 120cm


Industry Box Dimensions

These are the general dimensions of the box size. The measurements do not include the backplate where the handlebar is mounted.

- Size M: 120 cm long x 75 cm wide x 30 cm high
- Size L: 150 cm long x 75 cm wide x 30 cm high
- Size XL: 185 cm long x 85 cm wide x 20 cm high



The Classic Cargo Trike with Electric Assist can only be delivered fully assembled. This is due to cables and brake hoses that run along the underside of the box. Therefore we only deliver it to specific countries within Europe. We also need to know that you have a bike shop near by who can help you with service and maintenance if need be.


Some important things to note

- The electric assist trike cannot be shipped outside Europe
- The electric assist trike is not a stock item, they are built to order
- The electric assist trike is built by hand, so production time depends highly on our busy we are, please enquire for an estimate on the current production time
- The electric assistance simply takes the hard work out of pedaling, it won’t enable you to ride the trike up a mountain.
- It’s not possible to order an electric assist chassis (electric trike without the box)
- It’s not possible to convert a regular WorkCycles Cargo Trike to electric assist as the electric assist chassis is different


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