WorkCycles is known the world over as a small-scale builder of unique, top quality bicycles. Amsterdammers also know us as the best address for bike service and upgrades. We’re a workshop full of experience and bike love, equipped to efficiently handle a broad variety of work.
Servicing our own bikes is of course our priority!


Local customers who purchase a new Fr8, Gr8, Kr8, Secret Service or Classic City bike at WorkCycles receive a service plan with the bike. This plan is valid for one year after the delivery date and includes three service appointments.

A free first service (one month after delivery), a 50% discounted second service (six months after delivery) and a 50% discounted third service (twelve months after delivery).

This discount applies to labour costs only, not parts or accessories. Service appointments can be scheduled through our website. Can’t do without your wheels for the day? Loaner bikes are available, even with child seats, please ask to reserve. You are under no obligation to make use of the service plan, however we do hope to spoil you with the daily pleasure of riding a well maintained bike

Workshop contact: 020 522 6001


WorkCycles is a full-service workshop that performs jobs both easy and challenging.

Most jobs are completed the same day they are started and by appointment, not walk-ins. On the day of your appointment bring your bike in between 9am and 10am in the morning and then pick it up after 5pm that afternoon (we close at 6pm).

We’re often fully booked, so call, email or make appointment via the website form. Have en emergency repair that can't wait? We'll try to help you there too, however it’s best to call in this situation.

We should also mention that it’s only possible to book a repair for a WorkCycles bicycle, we do not work on other bikes as we are simply too busy to do so.


We’ll recommend repairing your bicycle properly, or not at all if it’s not economically viable.
Worth noting: “Quick and Dirty” patching up of badly worn bikes is not our specialty.



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